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HydraFlow® Hydraulic Fluid

HydraFlow®is a premium general all-purpose environmental lubricant (water glycol hydraulic fluid) rated to 5000 psi that is fire resistant, which provides a safer working environment than conventional mineral or vegetable oil-based hydraulic fluids. In applications in which hydraulic lines, piping, and seals may rupture and spray hydraulic fluid onto hot surfaces, mineral or vegetable oil-based fluids can ignite causing a severe hazard to personnel and equipment. HydraFlow® hydraulic fluid contains a performance package that protects the system against corrosion in both the liquid and vapor phases. As a result, HydraFlow® has been functioning effectively in numerous older hydraulic systems and is being designed into new hydraulic systems. In some cases, the use of HydraFlow® has reduced the operating temperatures of systems and overall wear.

(Order Code A14-HWG46-200)

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