VapCor Marine Coat 195W

VapCor Marine Coat 195W (VMC 195W) GP corrosion prevention coating is a beige-colored, highly effective, single-component, corrosion inhibitor. The semi-hard flexible residual film is easily applied, easily inspected, and highly resistant to salt water and salt spray. VMC 195W GP corrosion prevention coating provides optimal corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metal exposed to the harsh marine environment.

Order Code: A08-VMC195W-054. Available in 54 US Gallon (205 liter) containers (2 weeks lead time required.)

VapCor Marine Coat Float Coat is a highly effective single component, solvent free, lubricating,thixotropic liquid that will not dry out over time and will penetrate ferrous and non-ferrous metals to the base, providing corrosion protection in the harsh marine environment.

VapCor Inc. recommends that float applications should not be used to coat regular tanks, however, there may be some conditions that a float application is the only choice. It should only be considered for rudders, void spaces and other inaccessible spaces where it may be the only practical way to apply and where the space will remain dry and not used.