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High Temperature Protection System

Replacement and maintenance of corroded hydraulic lines, steam pipes, and valves is expensive and time consuming. SteamKote sealant has been specifically formulated as an anticorrosive coating to protect deck equipment, helping avoid costly repairs. SteamKote is resistant to high temperatures and is flexible enough not to crack or peel during expansion and contraction of pipes.

Typical Marine Applications

  • Deck Steam Lines
  • Engine Room Steam Lines

Application Instructions

  • Surface must be ambient temperature
  • Remove loose rust and dirt
  • Be sure surface is dry
  • Apply SteamKote evenly using a spatula or rubber gloves
  • Allow 48 hours before resuming operation of pipe lines

Physical Properties

Temperature Range

-40°C to 230°C


Olive Green


16 kg/pail (35.5 lbs/pail)

Quantity per Pail

18.9 Litres (5 US gal.)

Dry to Touch

48 hours

Thickness Application

3-4 mm


0.5 m2/kg (2.5 ft2/lb)

Ordering Information

Quantity per Pail: 18.9 Litres (5 US gal.)
Order Code A06-SKHT-005