Oil rig in the ocean


Premium Stern Tube & Bow Thruster Lubricant

Octamar™ SEA-L-SAVER is a premium seal lubricant and sealant that blends with all petroleum-based oils and fluids, improving their efficiency and extending their operating life. It extends the life of seals in stern tubes, bow thrusters and hydraulic systems, and will stop, or substantially reduce, oil leaks from lubricating and hydraulic systems.

Octamar™ SEA-L-SAVER gives the oil high film strength for improved surface retention during both operating and idle periods and repels water to maintain a protective lubricant shield on metal surfaces, preventing seawater corrosion. Octamar™ SEA-L-SAVER will also emulsify water, which protects metal surfaces from corrosion.

Features and Benefits



Contains excellent viscosity stabilizers

Improves the lubricants’ viscosity index and reduces the effect of temperature on viscosity

Highly effective lubricant

Keeps seals lubricated and supple

Contains water emulsifiers

Remains an effective lubricant during sea water contamination

Contains anti-foaming agents

Reduces foaming in head tanks, improves lubricity

High film strength

Improves oil’s ability to adhere

Thickening agents promote adherence

Greatly reduces or stops leaks due to worn or slightly damaged seals

Demulsifying tendencies

Water and oil separate if allowed to sit. Water can be drained off

Application and Dosage

For preventative maintenance in stern tubes and bow thrusters, substitute 20 – 30% of the current lubricant with Octamar™ SEA-L-SAVER. When propulsion assemblies start to leak, a corrective dosage of 20 – 50% Octamar™ SEA-L-SAVER should be used. In severe cases, 100% Octamar™ SEA-L-SAVER can be used. Add Octamar™ SEA-L-SAVER directly to the stern tube and bow thruster in-line head tanks at the desired percentage by volume. Adequate mixing will occur with normal operation.

Physical Properties


Clear Golden Liquid

Flash Point

> 179°F/82°C


Mildly Aromatic

Viscosity @ 40°C (104°F)

1574 cSt

Viscosity @ 100°C (212°F)

123 cSt

Packaging and Storage

Octamar™ Sea-L-Saver: 208 L drums, Product Code 12-SLS-208. Keep container closed when not in use. Store away from heat, sparks, and open flame. Non-combustible liquid.