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Octamar BT-8 Plus

Fuel Stabilizer and Combustion Improver

Octamar™ BT-8 Plus fuel stabilizer and combustion improver is an asphaltene dispersant and stabilizer uniquely combined with a combustion catalyst that keeps the fuel system clean while improving the combustion of heavy fuel. The dispersant-stabilizer prevents fuel from stratifying and the asphaltenes from agglomerating. This action reduces sludge formation in fuel tanks and helps keep separators, filters, fuel heaters, viscometers and injector (burner) tips clean, resulting in less maintenance and downtime. A completely homogenous fuel helps reduce the separator workload, improves fuel injection atomization, and increases combustion efficiency. Asphaltenes and other heavy fuel components with high Carbon to Hydrogen (C/H) ratios are more easily burned due to the dual action of asphaltenes dispersion and combustion catalysis, which lowers energy level needed for complete carbon combustion.

Features and Benefits



Contains asphaltene dispersant

Reduces sludge formation, breaks up hard to burn asphaltenes

Contains fuel stabilizer

Increases tolerance for blending of heavy and light fuel components

Contains combustion catalyst

Inhibits or strongly reduces carbon deposits in the combustion area exhaust system

Improves injection atomization

Improves fuel economy

Decreases sludge build-up in storage tanks

Reduces lost fuel energy costs – cleaning, sludge disposal

Breaking up asphaltenes improves separator efficiency

Increases separator throughput and reduces maintenance costs

Application and Dosage

For best results, Octamar™ BT-8 Plus fuel stabilizer and combustion improver should be dosed into the fuel oil line before the manifold, during bunkering via a chemical metering pump. The normal dosage of Octamar™ BT-8 Plus fuel stabilizer and combustion improver, for residual marine fuel, is 1:10,000 (1 liter for 10 tonnes of fuel); though alternative dosages may be recommended based on fuel quality and tank cleanliness. Special care needs to be taken to maintain clean strainers and filters during the initial dosage period.

Physical Properties


Dark reddish-black clear liquid

Density, lb/gal

8.25 – 8.58

Specific Gravity, 60/60°F (16/16°C)

0.991 – 1.031

Flash Point

> 144°F/62°C (PMCC)

Auto ignition temp

>200°C (>392°F)

Packaging and Storage

Octamar™ BT-8 Plus fuel stabilizer and combustion improver is supplied in 208-liter (55 gallon) non-returnable steel drums. Store away from heat, sparks and open flame.