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VapCor Marine Coat 195W

GP Corrosion Prevention Coating

VapCor Marine Coat 195W (VMC 195W) GP corrosion prevention coating is beige-colored, highly effective, single component, corrosion inhibitor. The semi-hard flexible residual film is easily applied, easily inspected and highly resistant to salt water and salt spray. VMC 195W GP corrosion prevention coating provides optimal corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metal exposed to the harsh marine environment.


  • Long Life
  • Semi-hard finish
  • Dry to touch film properties
  • Tolerant to rusted surfaces
  • Contains penetrating film characteristics
  • Thixotropic liquid
  • A non-conductive film
  • Has moisture displacing characteristics
  • Thermally stable over a broad range of temperature (50 – 95ºF)(10-35ºC)
  • Easy removal by petroleum or alkaline solvents
  • High flash point


  • Typically 4-5 years between major applications
  • Firm, yet flexible surface
  • Allows protected surfaces to be safely handled usually within 24 hours
  • Reduces surface preparation
  • Resistant to sag, run-off, and flow
  • High resistance and insulating properties effectively prevents galvanic corrosion
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Resistant to flowing, wide range of applications
  • Repairs are facilitated
  • Minimizes fire hazard

Typical Marine and Offshore Applications

  • Ballast tanks, void spaces, coffer dams, rudder voids, double hull voids on board all types of ships.
  • Ballast tanks, void spaces, coffer dams on offshore oil platforms and drilling support vessels.
  • Internal surfaces of offshore oil platforms and equipment.
  • Internal surfaces of drill pipes, sucker rods, and other oil drilling tubular products.

Method of Application

VMC 195W GP corrosion prevention coating has numerous shipboard applications. It can be dipped, or sprayed as the recommended methods of application.

Ballast Tanks/Void Spaces/Coffer Dams/Fore & After Peak

Prior to application it is important to remove any loose scale, mud and silt accumulations. VMC 195W GP corrosion prevention coating will penetrate any existing rust scale. Tank surfaces should be pre-cleaned to a minimum of ST2/ SSPC-SP2, conditions. To get the most efficient use of VMC 195W GP corrosion prevention coating an SSPC-SP-12/NACE-5-WJ3 surface preparation should be used at a minimum of 8000 PSI to remove all loose rust, paint and foreign matter. Any tightly adhered rust, paint and hard coatings are permitted to remain. VMC 195W GP corrosion prevention coating will penetrate the adherent rust and over a period of time remove it. Re-application of VMC 195W will be required where the tightly adherent rust has been removed. It is recommended so as to ensure consistent protection is maintained that the tanks coated be inspected on a yearly basis. This will ensure that the coating integrity is maintained by regular touch-ups. This can be arranged by your local VapCor Inc. representative in a service port.


The most effective and efficient method of application is A 33:1 airless spraying unit, using between 0.017 inch and 0.021 inch nozzle tip, the most efficient way to set the pressure on an airless gun is to start from zero and increase the pressure on the pump until you get a pattern that is free from fingers or trailers on the out side of the pattern. When you set the pump up in this manner you are atomizing at the lowest pressure possible, practically eliminating bounce back off of the substrate and reducing over spray. This will maximizethe transfer efficiency of the airless pump. When spraying in the confined area of a ballast tank there will be less fog floating in the tank around the operators. Depending on spray distance – the closer spray distance, the smaller the tip size. Mild agitation of the drum contents is recommended prior to use. A dry film thickness of 4 mils is recommended (wet film thickness of 5.97 mils). This coverage is 1 ltr. per 6 m² (1USG per 228 fr²) of new steel or 4.8 m2 (1USG per 190 ft²) of clean rusted steel. The best method of application on old steel, is in the presence of the applicators use 2 magnetic pads, spray 195W on and between them (about 3 feet apart) and then measure the thickness of the coating on the pads as they are the only truly flat surfaces which can be measured. The visual seen of 195W on the rusted surfaces will be the template for further application.

Confined Spaces

Good ventilation & air circulation is required. No open flames. Use a negative pressure face mask to minimize inhalation of fumes.

Other Applications

Prior to application all loose dirt or oil should be cleaned off the area to be coated. Application should be done at a temperature between 10°- 40°C (50°-104°F). VMC 195W GP corrosion prevention coating will dry to touch in 24+ hours in most enclosed moist areas. Wet surfaces will negatively affect the application, moist surfaces will not. In any case you will be able to ballast in 24 hours with out loosing any of the coating material, however the drying and curing process will be impeded. It is recommended that after application is complete, the coating is allowed to cure for 72 hours with good ventilation & air circulation.


VMC 195W GP corrosion prevention coating can be removed by a high pressure alkaline hot water wash down or if hot water is not available then brushed on mineral spirits can be used.

Typical Properties

Flash, PMCC*, Minimum



2000 cps, typical

Density, Weight/Gallon @ 77ºF (25ºC)

8.1 lbs./gallon

Specific Gravity @ 60ºF (15.6ºC)


Recommended Wet/Dry Film Thickness over Metal Profile

5.97/4 mils

Theoretical Coverage @ Recommended DFT of 5mils Old/New Steel


Non-Volatile % by Weight


Non-Volatile % by Volume


Volatile Organic Content (VOC), Maximum

2.30 lbs./gallon

Approximate Dry to Touch Time @ 77ºF (25ºC)

24 + hours

Cure Time

48-72 hours


Light Beige Color


VapCor Marine Coat 195W GP corrosion prevention coating is available in 54 US Gallon (205 liter) containers (2 weeks lead time required.)
Order Code: A08-VMC195W-054

Important Information to be aware of:

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